The Satsangas are the maximum exponent of the spirit of the FEYS, places of meeting and communion with the deep wisdom of Yoga. Besides organizing the Satsangas, the FEYS participates in Iberian, European and World congresses.


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    Since 2004, when the Spanish Yoga Federation was constituted in the first Satsanga (a congress organized in Jaca, Spain), the FEYS organizes a biannual Yoga Biennial, congresses that we call Satsangas. In these Satsangas we try to offer a varied range of presentations, workshops and conferences that express our motto: Unity in Diversity.



    Ávila (Spain)

    University of Mysticism

    “Death, the threshold of freedom”

    28th, 29th and 30th of April and 1st of May 2018 


    Lienzo Norte, 

    Ávila (Spain)

    “Silence, the wild fire of the soul”

    28th, 29th and 30th of April and 1st of May 2017


    Marcilla (Navarra, Spain)

    “Agustinos Recoletos” Monastery 

    “Draw from the bottom of all the Yogas the most beautiful thing in them”

    6th, 7th and 8th of December 2014



    Santander (Cantabria, Spain)

    Exhibition and Conference Centre

    “Change in order to change the world”

    18th, 19th and 20th of May 2012 


    Banyoles (Girona, Spain)

    Sport centre “La Draga”

    “We are all one”

    11th, 12th and 13th of June 2010 


    Oñati (Guipuzcoa, Spain)

    “Nuestra Sra de Arántzazu” Monastery

    “Peace is everything”

    25th, 26th and 27th of April 2008 



    Os de Balaguer (Lleida, Spain)

    “Les Avellanes” Monastery

    “The art of living the present”

    4th, 5th and 6th of May 2007 


    Benalmádena (Malaga, Spain)

    Alay Hotel

    “A path to happiness”

    19th, 20th and 21st of May 2006



    Jaca (Huesca, Spain)

    Conference Centre

    “Science and spirituality”

    27th, 28th and 29th of May 2005


    Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

    Blau Hotel

    “Yoga to improve the world”

    12th, 13th and 14th of May 2004


    The FEYS participates in a globalizing and unifying movement at the international level. Starting from a confederation of schools in the Iberian Peninsula, this initiative has spread firstly at a European level and later on at a world level.

    Thus, the FEYS is part of the Iberian Yoga Confederation. It is a founding member of the European Yoga Confederation, created in 2014 by the initiative of the Portuguese master Jagat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája, with the support of the Iberian Yoga Confederation.

    In the last European Yoga Congress, held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris (France) last May 2018, the European Yoga Confederation promoted the foundation of a International Yoga Confederation, whose first meeting will be held soon, with a date not yet set.

    This globalizing movement aims that more and more people on Earth practice Yoga, with the firm confidence that Yoga is the way of Peace, Light and Love. For that, the congresses of those confederations intend to have repercussions not only in Yoga practitioners, but also in governors, political and religious leaders,  institutions and citizens so that Yoga is recognized worldwide. 

    One of the greatest successes of this active movement was the declaration of Yoga in 2016 as Intangible Cultural Heritage, and of the 21st of June as the International Day of Yoga.

    Representatives of the FEYS have been present in the editions of the European and Iberian Yoga Meetings, participating with workshops and conferences on behalf of the Federation.


    The "Iberian Yoga Meeting" EIBERYO was born in Portugal by the hand of Master Amrta Suryananda, who in 2007 convened for the first time in Cartagena (Spain) to various schools of Yoga in the Iberian Peninsula, with the aim of creating a meeting point and exchange of experiences and knowledge that would enrich us all.

    The FEYS became part of this Iberian Confederation during the 7th edition of its congress, in 2013 in Brihuega (Guadalajara, Spain).

    Eight editions of the EIBERYO meetings have been held in the following cities:

    1st edition: 1st EIBERYO, Cartagena (Murcia, Spain), 2007.

    2nd edition: 2nd EIBERYO, Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, Spain), 2008.

    3rd edition: 3rd EIBERYO, Almuñecar (Málaga, Spain), 2009.

    4th edition: 4th EIBERYO, Tavira (Algarve, Portugal), 2010.

    5th edition: 5th EIBERYO, Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain), 2011.

    6th edition: 6th EIBERYO, Santillana del Mar (Cantabria, Spain), 2012.

    7th edition(*): 7th EIBERYO, Brihuega, (Guadalajara, Spain), 2013.

     8th edition: 8th EIBERYO and 2nd Iberian Yoga Meeting, Zestoa Spa (Gipuzkoa, Spain), 2015.

    9th edition: 9th EIBERYO and 3rd Iberian Yoga Meeting, Ávila (Ávila, Spain), 2017.

    10th edition: 10th EIBERYO and 4th Iberian Yoga Meeting, Évora (Alentejo, Portugal), 2019

    (*) From this edition the title of “1st Iberian Yoga Meeting” is added to the meeting, and it becomes biannual.


    Representatives of the FEYS, as founder of the European Yoga Confederation, have been present in the editions of the European Yoga Congresses, participating with workshops on behalf of the Federation: 

    1st European Yoga Congress, Bad-Meinberg, Hannover (Germany), 2014

    2nd European Yoga Congress, Radhadesh (Belgium), 2016

    3rd European Yoga Congress at UNESCO headquarters, Paris (France), 2018


    Since 2012, every year we celebrate the International Day of Yoga, on June 21st, in several provinces of Spain.

    In Madrid, since June 21 was declared the International Day of Yoga, we celebrate it together with the Indian Embassy.

    In these congresses, we try to bring together all the local Yoga schools, celebrating together once more.

    If you want to participate or organize it in your Community, please contact us.

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