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The SATSANGA Spanish Yoga Federation is a non-profit organization that brings together yoga schools, teachers and practitioners from all over Spain.

Our vocation is to extract the most beautiful things behind each of the different Yoga schools and find common points in the practice of each discipline, each teacher or each group. We understand that Yoga is patrimony of the Humanity, that nobody should impose a single method and that the richness is in the diversity of visions and possibilities to reach the soul.

Thus, we group teachers and practitioners in a common organization, the FEYS, which culminates its activity in a biannual meeting, the Satsanga National Yoga Congress. It is a call to establish collaborative relationships in pedagogical, spiritual and human aspects. A celebration of Unity in Diversity.

The FEYS is also a regulating body for Yoga trainings, a certifier of the titles of the Yoga studies given by the Schools that are part of the federation. From FEYS we believe in the need of a wide and structured training with a strong base of practical teaching hours. For this reason, not only do we comply with the minimums established by the European Union of Yoga, but we also establish a Minimum Program, of great rigor and demand. 


The FEYS considers the accompaniment of its members a very important issue; that is why we grant a medical insurance for accidents, included in the annual fee, which covers the members in their practice.  un seguro médico de accidentes, incluido en la cuota anual, que cubre a los afiliados en su práctica.

We also offer our members a Federal Support Service (SAF in Spanish), a mailbox for consultations and technical advice on the practice or teaching of Yoga, on the management of the centres or schools and on all those questions related to Yoga that may concern our members.  


Yoga is the balance of the mind.

Yoga is skill in action.

Yoga is imperishable because its result or fruit is imperishable.

The Yogi of balanced reason attributes all actions to the inner Divine Actor. The Yogi is the Yukta, the harmonized one, firm in the practice of Yoga and maintained in the Self. The Yogi is unchangeable as an anvil. The Yogi does not harm anyone because he is completely harmless. He wants the good of all. He is compassionate to all creatures. He has a very big and kind heart. The Yogi has purified his mind by dedication to selfless action, has overcome the body and subdued the senses. He is not a slave to actions, but he performs them for the good of the masses and to set them an example.

The student of Yoga should lack attachment. Nor should he possess many things. The one who does not renounce thoughts cannot become a Yogi. The aspirant has to practice Yoga with firm conviction, steadfast determination and a heart that does not become discouraged. He should also be bold, cheerful and self-confident.

The practice of Yoga must be continuous. Only then will it be possible to discover the Self, quickly and infallibly.

Extract from the Bahgavad Gita (adaptation)


These are our main objectives:

  • To create a common space in which to experience and share the practice of Yoga, based on the principles of non-violence, sincerity, honesty, frugality and efficiency, in search of new and more evolved forms of relationship and coexistence between people and groups with different interests or opinions.

  • To promote the acceptance of the variety of criteria and methods of Yoga to make the principle of Unity in Diversity a reality.

  • To contribute, work and divulge so that the general public, the scientific and artistic fields and the administrative and political authorities, both national and international, can acquire a greater understanding of the spirit of Yoga and its usefulness in the current times.

  • To promote the research and study of Yoga

  • To work for the peace and harmony on Earth.

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